Punctuality & Attendance

Punctuality & Attendance

Each pupil must attend the class regularly. Working day is divided into two sections. The Morning section is from 07.50 a.m. to 11.10 a.m. and Afternoon section is from 11.40 a.m. to 2.25 p.m. On Saturday the school works from 07.50 a.m. to 12.20 p.m.

At the first bell in the morning all the pupils should be present for the assembly.

Late comers will be marked absent and are liable to disciplinary action.

Absentees will not be allowed to attend classes with out producing valid reasons in the ‘Leave Record’.

Absentees on the first day of each term will be considered as a serious offence. Applications for leave on these days must be explicit and if on medical grounds, should be supported by a medical certificate.

If a student is absent for a month without leave and her/his fees are not paid her/ his name shall be struck off the rolls.